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More iPhone Details?

ThinkSecret is chiming in on the recent flurry of iPhone rumors and speculation, stating that the rumored device will be a GSM/EDGE only device. While this information contrasts with a recent rumor put forth by Kevin Rose on popular tech podcast Diggnation, it does seem to lie more in line with Apple's hiring practices. Apple has been known to have been courting EDGE engineers, but we aren't currently aware of Apple courting CDMA engineers.

However, ThinkSecret claims that Apple is still courting multiple GSM wireless carriers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Apple is also said to be asking for carriers to NOT subsidize the price of the phone. GSM carriers in North America include Cingular and T-Mobile.

A release date for the phone is still said to be somewhat variable.

Meanwhile, it is growing increasingly unlikely that Apple will be ready to ship the iPhone at or around Macworld Expo San Francisco in January, despite word that some suppliers have already started delivering components for the iPhone to manufacturing. Some sources have also gone so far as to suggest that even an announcement may elude Expo, especially if it appears the phone will not be available in sufficient quantities until the second quarter. It should be noted that announcement and release dates are frequently subject to change, however, and neither is locked in at this point.