In September, Apple released 9 new downloadable games for the Apple iPod. These games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, Pac Man, Tetris, Texas Holdem, Vortex, and Zuma) were made available through the iTunes Store for $4.99/game.

Some Mac developers were critical of Apple's approach to the development of iPod games, which has prevented long time Mac developers from participating in iPod game development.

According to an anonymous report, Apple is planning on introducing 3 new iPod games at Macworld San Francisco 2007. The new games are said to include Jezzball, Snood, and Pinball.

At present, we have been unable to verify this list, and present it for discussion only. Macworld Expo San Francisco 2007 takes place from January 9-12th, 2007 in San Francisco, CA.

Meanwhile, here is one person's list of their top 10 requests for iPod games.
Update: Word of Mouse Games has confirmed that Snood is not in the works for the iPod, but not for lack of interest on their part.
Based on this information, it appears very unlikely that the other games (Jezzball and Pinball) will also be making it to the iPod in January.