Aperture Plug-in Interest High?

One of the less-touted (at the time) features of the Aperture 1.5 update was Apple's opening of a new plug-in architecture to extend Aperture. According to MacWorld, the plug-in interest is exceeding Apple's expectations.

We knew that there would be a lot of interest, but we received 150 emails from individuals, companies and organizations that all want to develop plug-ins for Aperture, Richard Kerris, Apple's Director of Professional Photography Partnerships, told Macworld. We are all pleasantly surprised with the companies that want to develop plug-ins. It really makes this a powerful application for whatever type of photographer you are."

Apple had launched its API with some big-name partners already supporting the application, including Getty Images and Flickr among others. At this week's PhotoPlus Expo in New York, ExpressDigital and DigitalFusion are releasing plug-ins.

ExpressDigitals Aperture plug-in allows photographers to directly upload photos to PhotoReflect.com, a virtual storefront for professional photographers. Through PhotoReflect.com, photographers are able to provide their customers with a fully functional and professional Internet store to order finished, high-quality professional photo products...

DigitalFusion is also offering a new Aperture plug-in. DF Studio Link allows direct upload of images from Aperture to a DF Studio account.

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