Back and Forth: True Video iPod In December? claims that an "extremely well informed exec" at a firm that makes "made for iPod" products has indicated that the "official 6G iPod" would be announced in December 2006. While we're not so sure how much we believe a "made for iPod" company (other than Apple) would be privy to this information, the report does echo a recent Engadget post quoting reliable sources saying that the "true video iPod" would be coming soon.

ThinkSecret, one of the most outspoken rumor sites on the upcoming product, has gone back and forth on the subject of when the new iPod would be introduced, most recently settling on an early 2007 timeframe.

A recap of some recent rumors on the "true" Video iPod:
- nVidia to produce the multimedia chip?
- eBook reader capability?
- Wireless capability?