Apple And SecureWorks To Work Together

According to Macworld, Apple and SecureWorks have begun working together, almost two months after two SecureWorks researchers demonstrated a third party wireless driver exploit in Mac OS X at the Black Hat security conference.

"SecureWorks and Apple are working together in conjunction with the CERT Coordination Center on any reported security issues," SecureWorks said in a statement provided to Macworld. "We will not make any additional public statements regarding work underway until both companies agree, along with CERT/CC, that it is appropriate."

Last week, Apple issued Security Update 2006-005 which addressed three security issues related to AirPort. Two of the updates dealt with built-in AirPort driver vulnerabilities that, when attacked, could allow privilege escalation, arbitrary code execution, or system crashes. The third update dealt with a third party driver vulnerability that could cause similar symptoms, but as no known exploit was mentioned for any of the vulnerabilities, it is doubtful that the update addressed the SecureWorks researchers' findings.