Apple's September 12th Media Event Roundup

Apple is hosting a media event on Tuesday, September 12th 2006 in San Francisco, CA at 10AM Pacific. The event will also be simulcast to a location in London where journalists have also been invited.

The invitation to the media was entitled It's Showtime -- suggesting Movie-related announcements. Rumors sites had originally expected iMac updates during the event, but Apple surprised everyone with iMac and Mac mini updates last week.

This leaves iPods, a Movie Store and the possibility of a new streaming Media device for the Tuesday event.

As usual, a number of anonymous images have been circulating claiming to represent upcoming products, but these are all considered to be fake. Other circumstantial evidence (2) has been reported, but no definitive information on the event.

As always, MacRumors will provide continuing coverage, however, access to these events have become more restricted, so please contact us if you are attending.