Amazon's 'Unbox' Video Service Opens

SeattlePI reports that Amazon launched their video download service today -- dubbed "Amazon Unbox".

The service offers television shows, movies and other videos from over 30 studios and networks. TV shows will sell for $1.99 while Movies range from $7.99 - $14.99. If you prefer to rent, Movies can be rented for $3.99 each.

The movies are provided in two formats: a "DVD Quality" version and a portable-device compatible one. System requirements are listed:

Windows XP Professional, Home Edition,Media Center or Tablet PC. A Computer running 900 Mhz or greater, with aminimum of 256 MB of RAM, and 200 MB of hard disk space.

Movies are accessed and played through the Amazon Unbox Video Player.

For an example, The Matrix sells for $9.88 with the DVD quality version being 2.2GB with a 2500kbps Video Bitrate and 5.1 Audio while the portable version is 520MB.

Apple is widely expected to launch their movie service on September 12th, but there have been rumors that they may launch with only one studio due to negotiation difficulties with the studios.

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