10.4.8 Seeded [Updated]

An anonymous source claims Mac OS 10.4.8 has been seeded to developers. Among the preliminary list of changes in the new seed are fixes to AFP Server, WebCore, LoginWindow, CUPS and CDSASSL, and ImageCapture.

Also reported is a list of known issues (including double reboots, long reboots, and no localization in some areas). Testers are asked to focus on the following:

- DVD Player
- Graphics and Graphics applications
- iCal
- iPhoto
- Mail
- Microsoft Word & OpenType fonts
- Modem usage
- Networking
- Printing
- Safari

The build weighs in at 305 MB for intel and 147 MB for PPC. If left as-is, the updates would be some of the largest in history (Mac OS 10.4.7, released in June, was only 133 MB intel and 64 MB PPC). However, many of Apple's early builds are significantly larger than when they are released to the public.

Update: AppleInsider has also received word of 10.4.8 seeds, and corroborates much of the above.