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No Steve Jobs Keynote at Paris Expo, Apple at Photokina? reported on Friday that there will be no keynote speech at Apple Expo Paris which takes place September 12th through 16th.

[The organizer] said, simply: "There will be no keynote at this year's show." Tisserand added that the decision not to offer a keynote was not taken by the company she represents.

With circulating rumors that Apple is planning on iPod refreshes as well as Core 2 Duo-powered updates in the coming months, many users looked to Apple Expo as the possible launching ground for these products.

The lack of a keynote address at Apple Expo appears to be a new trend, as Apple skipped the keynote last year as well. Prior to that, Apple had used the Apple Expo as a launching ground for product releases with the release of the G5 iMac in 2004.
Meanwhile, Apple will be attending Photokina 2006, a photography based show taking place between September 26 to October 1 in Germany. The UK Press has reportedly been notified that a special Apple presentation will take place on September 25th.