Wireless iPods, Soon?

Digitimes claims that Apple is expected to launch an iPod that supports "wireless capabilities" to compete with Microsoft's upcoming Zune-branded MP3 players.

Apple's headquarters has begun dispatching its staff to its major markets in Asia, to teach local sales how to demonstrate the new products, the sources noted.

While Digitimes has not been an especially accurate source of information in the past, there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about wireless iPods as well as a new Apple phone, along with some possible middle ground between the two.

Steve Jobs was rumored to have been talking-up an upcoming Apple phone. Meanwhile, one analyst expects Apple to release a new wireless iPod this fall to compete with Microsoft's Zune which will feature over-the-air music downloads. Finally, previous Apple patent applications show that Apple has been working on this technology as well.

Update: According to this article Zune will not be offering over-the-air downloads.

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