New PowerMac (Mac Pro) and MacBook Pro Enclosures

ThinkSecret reports that when the PowerMac G5 gets its replacement at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it will sport a new enclosure.

The new case is said to be "substantially different" to signify the transition to the Intel Core 2 Duo (Conroe). The internal configurations are said to be comparable to current PowerMacs:

Configurations of the new Mac are said to be similar to those of the most recent Power Mac G5, including a single dual-core processor in the low- and mid-range systems, and a dual dual-core (quad core) system at the top end.

ThinkSecret also expects that the MacBook Pro will also sport a new enclosure once it adopts the Core 2 Duo processor (Merom).

Apple recently trademarked Mac Pro which is expected to be the new name for the PowerMac line.

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