New MacBook Configurations?

AppleInsider reports on new configurations of the black and white MacBook models in Apple's retail stores. Each is said to be 2.0GHz with 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, and a SuperDrive, with the black MacBook dubbed the "MacBook Ultimate" and prices of $1,449 USD (white) and $1,599 USD (black).

Current 13" MacBook offerings in the online Apple Store remain $1,099 USD (white, 1.83GHz, 512MB, 60GB, Combo drive), $1,299 USD (white, 2.0GHz, 512MB, 60GB, SuperDrive), and $1,499 USD (black, 2.0GHz, 512MB, 80GB, SuperDrive).AppleInsider also speculates on the release of a new "high-end hardware offering," possibly based on Intel's Woodcrest (Xeon 5100) processor, after the U.S. Independence Day holiday.