Apple + Best Buy Update: Just A Pilot?

An in-depth report by AppleInsider is shedding more light onto the recent appearance of Apple's full line of Macs at select southern California Best Buy stores. Contrary to the initial report by ZDNet which was based off of statements by analyst Samir Bhavnani, the current program is only a seven-store pilot.

However, Best Buy has indicated that it is prepared to scale the Mac pilot program "rapidly" if it proves to be a hit, according to Steve Lidberg and David Niederman, two analysts with Pacific Crest Securities. They say a fortified relationship with the electronics retailer will present Apple with the opportunity to bulk up on its domestic retail presence.

Best Buy is North America's #1 consumer electronics retailer and sells home and car audio products, CD/DVDs, and home appliances (washers/dryers/microwaves/etc) in addition to computer-related products.

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