Apple + RIM To Partner For iTunes Compatible Blackberry?

Several readers have pointed out that analyst Peter Misek has commented that Research In Motion (makers of the Blackberry) and Apple may partner to make an iTunes-compatible Blackberry. Misek has previously accurately predicted a partnership between RIM and Intel. The reports the following:

Such a deal would have huge merit because each company lacks what the other provides. RIM wants a firm foothold in the consumer market and Apple doesn't have a presence in the booming wireless data sector, he said.

The two might jointly develop a new device: Apple could create a cellphone combining its iPod music device with RIM's wireless technology, or RIM might embed Apple's iTunes music into a future BlackBerry, he speculated.

Senior executives at Intel have recommended that Apple work with RIM, Mr. Misek said in a research note.

The only other iTunes compatible devices other than the iPod is select cell phones by Motorola (ROKR, SLVR L7, RAZR V3i), which have seen extremely sluggish sales and high return rates. Rumors are also consistent (but with no firm release date) about Apple developing an "iPhone" that would be iTunes-compatible.