Apple MacBook in May?

Thinksecret reiterates that the long awaited Intel-version of the Apple iBook, which has come to be known as the "MacBook" is still expected in May.

We have kept track of all rumors surrounding the upcoming Intel iBook in our Guide pages.

In summary, one of the earliest reports did claim that the upcoming Intel iBook would house a 13" form-factor and be expected in April-May of 2006. Followup rumors suggested that the screen would be 13.3" and offer a 1280x720 resolution screen.

While some expected the new computer to appear at Macworld in January, only the MacBook Pro and Intel iMac were released at that time. Overall, many features of the MacBook are expected to be comparable to the MacBook Pro, with the inclusion of iSight, Front Row, Photo Booth, and MagSafe. Finally there have been suggestions of a significant redesign for the iBook-replacement with the possibility of the reintroduction of color choices.