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Intel Launching Woodcrest, Conroe and Merom Early?

TG Daily claims that faced with increasing competitive pressure from AMD, Intel has accelerated the launch of its upcoming processors.

The upcoming processors include Woodcrest, Conroe and Merom. All three are now expected to be shipping "in volume" in Q3 2006. This could mean that processors would be available as early as June or July of this year.

Conroe processors are Intel's Desktop CPU from their Core microarchitecture. They come in a 65-nm process and are speculated/rumored to be used in Apple's upcoming Intel PowerMac revisions.

Meanwhile, Merom is Intel's 64-bit mobile processor which is said to have better performance than the current Core Duos with the same power consumption. The Merom processor is also said to be pin compatible with the current Core Duo processors. Merom processors would presumably be used in upcoming MacBook Pros.

Little has been said about Apple's plans (if any) for Woodcrest, which is Intel's server-targeted processor.