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Asus's 13.3'' Core Duo Laptop

A couple of reports have claimed that Asustek is the manufacturer for Apple's upcoming 13.3" MacBook.

One reader reports that a search of Asustek's site shows one existing 13.3" Intel laptop model (W6F) that may provide some hints as to what can be expected from Apple's implementation.

The specs for the 13.3" Intel Core Duo laptop from Asus includes:

- Intel Core Duo 1.60GHz-2.16GHz, 2MB On-Die L2 Cache, 667 MHz
- Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
- On board 512MB, 1x SO-DIMM socket up to 1536 MB (512MB+1024MB)
- 13.3 wide active matrix TFT LCD (WXGA)
- Embedded Intel 945GM (Video)

Obviously, the form factor will be different, but the overall specs could be similar. It has been felt that Apple will tier the processors available to the MacBook to be less powerful than the MacBook Pro, however, if Apple is positioning the MacBook to also replace the 12" PowerBook, such a limitation may not be necessary. This all remains speculative at this time, however.

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