Boot Camp and Mac Game Developers?

With Apple's release of Boot Camp to allow Intel Macs to boot into Windows XP, many users are enthusiastic about being able to run many Windows-only games that have not yet been ported to the Mac.

This added capability, however, may cause most uncertainty to current Mac game developers who have always had an uphill battle in providing timely ports to the Mac platform. Some fear that bringing Windows XP booting ability to the Intel Macs may reduce incentive to produce for the Mac-specific market.

InsideMacGames posts several reactions from some current Mac developers. Reactions appear to be mixed. Brad Oliver of Aspyr Media offers these thoughts:

From a business standpoint, I suspect Aspyr is, in the short term, going to continue releasing Mac ports as before and see where the market takes us. If Mac sales tank, we've got enough revenue coming in from PC and console ports that it probably won't hurt the company too much and we'd just focus on the other platforms. It's possible that the Mac market share could increase so dramatically that the demand for Mac games increases enough to offset the costs of the loss of sales to dual-booting, but I'm not so optimistic about that.