60GB iPod Product Line Changes?

Appleinsider notes that resellers where notified approximately one month ago that the 60GB 5G iPod is on Apple's 60 day "at risk" list.

Appleinsider claims that when an item is placed on this list, it could mean that there will be changes to the product in the next 60 days -- this includes replacements or price changes -- so resellers should keep a close eye on inventory of that product.

Apple's 5G iPod was released on October 12, 2005 and represented the first iPod to support Video.

Rumors of a full video iPod have persisted, along with a rush of rumor-inspired concept designs.

The Video iPod is expected to be launched alongside an iTunes Movie service. Evidence of Apple selling movies on iTunes recently emerged with the sale of the first full-length movie on iTunes for $9.99.

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