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MacBook Pros in High Demand, Increased Mac Market Share?

Piper Jaffray analysts are recommending shares of Apple Computer, citing high demand for the MacBook Pro:

The analyst's checks also indicated that there is pent-up demand for the MacBook Pro -- 70% of the stores have a waiting list of MacBook Pro customers.

Meanwhile, Needham & Co analysts believev that Apple has positioned itself for "massive growth in its market share".

Based on their online survey of college students, there has been a dramatic increase in possible switching from the PC to Mac platform. One of the hurdles, appears the ease of which Macs could run Windows. According to their survey, if Apple were to make it easy for Macs to run Windows the number of students purchasing a Mac would double (24.7% to 44% in the survey).

The potential ability for the new Intel Macs to run Windows has drawn a lot of attention and controversy amongst Mac users.