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Intel Mac mini Disassembly and Details

With the release of the Intel Mac mini, several sites have already taken the new Mac apart.

Macworld posts some photos disassembling the new Intel Mac mini, revealing that the 2.5" hard drive is SATA and the RAM slots are now horizontal, making them less accessible than previous models.

Another user also posts more detailed photos with some interesting observations:

- 110 Watt Power Supply (vs 85 Watt)
- Packed tighter and no room for a seperate video card
- The Intel Processor appears socketed - which means it is potentially upgradable in the future by a simple chip replacement. The Intel iMac also has a socketed chip, while the MacBook Pro processor is soldered on.

Finally, Applefritter posts a detailed guide on the dissembly with step by step photos.

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