Apple's February 28th 2006 Event Rumors and Speculation [Updated]

Earlier this week, Apple sent out invitations (picture) to select members of the media for a news event on February 28th 2006. Apple teases:

Come see some fun new products from Apple.

The invite-only event kicks off at 10:00am Pacific at the Apple Town Hall Building. The event has sparked speculation by analysts about what Apple might introduce at the upcoming event.

American Technology Research expects Apple to announce "its first, full-length films available for download on iTunes". This would expand iTunes content beyond the music, music videos and television episodes currently available. ATR also expects a widescreen consumer notebook and an entry level Mac mini which includes a remote control and FrontRow software. In what may provide possible confirmation, FreeMacBlog claims that Apple is no longer taking large orders for Mac minis, suggesting that they may have cleared out current inventory.

Indeed, the most recent hints we've heard suggests that Apple will likely be introducing a new Intel-based Mac mini as previously described as well as an iPod companion product that was originally described in December in anticipation of Macworld San Francisco.

While rumors of a touch screen iPod have sparked the imagination of readers, there's no word on the likelihood of its release. Yesterday's claimed "Video iPod" photo has generated a lot of discussion.

Update: ThinkSecret also confirms the coming iPod Companion Product (iPod "Hi-Fi") and Appleinsider expects the Intel Mac mini.