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Wireless Internet iPods? [Update]

TimesOnline reports on talks of a Disney buyout of Pixar... but also curiously mentions rumors of a wireless iPod:

Apple is also understood to be working on the next generation of iPods, which would have the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet.

There has long been rumors/speculation on Bluetooth enabled iPods to wireless connect to Speakers/Headphones, however the concept of a true wireless Internet iPod has not been frequently discussed.

We made one previous mention of it in September 2003. At that time, an author was discussing the concept of "Everywhere Internet Audio":

Imagine, if you will, an iPod as a wireless digital ladle. It would dip into a nearly bottomless stream of continual music, scooping up any song you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted.

It's unclear if The Times is actually aware of such plans or simply has inadvertently misinterpreted circulating rumors, but does make for an interesting concept.

Update: Readers point out Apple's recent "Mobile Me" trademark that may be related. Also MobileMag claims that Apple has been looking for RF engineers, "specifically looking for people with EDGE experience". EDGE offers national wireless data network.