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Intel Transition, MacBook Name, and Windows on Mac?

As readers digest all the announcements from Apple at Macworld San Francisco, we've noted a few interesting tidbits:

- Steve Jobs announced that Apple's entire product line will be transitioned to Intel in 2006. This is earlier than previously announced at WWDC 2005. Jobs notes that over the coming months we will hear announcements as each product line is transitioned. All by the end of this calendar year.

- MacBook Pro naming. Steve Jobs: "It's a new name because we're kinda done with 'Power' and because we want 'Mac' in the name of our products." This would imply that the MacBook name may not only replace the PowerBook but the iBook as well. Also raises some questions about the continued use of the "PowerMac" name.

- Phil Schiller maintains that Apple will not prevent users from booting Windows on the new machines, though no first hand reports whether or not this is easily accomplishable.

Thats fine with us. We dont mind, Schiller said. If there are people who love our hardware but are forced to put up with a Windows world, then thats OK.

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