Saturday Night Live Content Added to iTMS [Updated - VINGLE] posts that the iTunes Music Store has been refreshed to offer a number of new items including Saturday Night Live episodes.

A few sketch collections by year are available as well as a number of Best of's including Christopher Walken, Adam Sandler, and Glida Radner to name a few.

The Best of's will set you back $1.99 each while the sketch collections go for $9.99.

More information about new releases from Apple as it comes.

[ Update ] The Pussycat Dolls have what's being billed as a Vingle for sale from the iTMS as well, with pricing set at $2.49 US. Apple trademarked the term "vingle" in October 2005 and it was previously rumored to relate to a video single.

[ correction ]
Sketches go for $1.99 (as usual)
The parody 'album' sells for $9.99
The other two sketch collections sell for $14.99
and the best of videos sell for $11.99

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