Jobs on Motorola iTunes, Video iPod, Bluetooth, And More

MacCentral provides a slightly more detailed report of the discussion session held with Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller at Apple Expo Paris.

Highlights include:

- iTunes software for the Motorola phone was a learning experience. "We see it as something we can learn from."
- Jobs discussed video on handheld devices - such as a Video iPod. He admits that you can download videos from iTunes as well as Video Podcasts, but is uncertain if people will buy a dedicated video playback device. "So far they haven't. No one has been successful with that yet."
- Jobs still insists that the convergence between TV and Computers is not going to happen.
- Regarding new features (such as radio), "We are very careful about what features we add because we can't take them away."
- Feels that Bluetooth isn't a good option. Sound isn't good. Recharging headphones is a pain.