Dual-Core PowerMacs, New G4 PowerBook, and G5 Mini?

Macobserver reports that according to one research note, some are expecting Apple to make some major new product announcements at Apple Expo Paris in September 2005.

We believe that Apple is preparing new G5 PowerMacs based on IBM's dual-core 970 PPC, G5 Mac Minis based on a new IBM low-power processor, and new G4 PowerBooks based on next generation processors from Freescale Semiconductors."

This reports provides few details as to the source of these expectations. It may simply be pure speculation or simply regurgitation of circulating unconfirmed rumors.

A previous rumor report did point to updated Powerbooks at the Paris expo. Meanwhile, a dual-core PowerMac G5 is certainly expected after the announcement of Dual Core 970MP processors by IBM back in July.

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