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More on PowerMacs at NAB? [Update]

Following tentative Page 2 Rumors of PowerMac G5s to be announced at the National Association of Broadcasters, Think Secret confirms that Apple is planning on introducing new PowerMacs at NAB.

Unfortunately, details are slim in the new report, so only the hint of upcoming PowerMac revisions are provided.

The previous unconfirmed Page 2 report hinted at 2GHz-3GHz 970MP based PowerMacs with significant under the hood enhancements -- but should be viewed as unconfirmed specs.

PowerMacs were last updated in June 2004 (Buyer's Guide).

New PowerMacs would presumably ship with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), which was announced today.Update: The page two report is a confirmed to be unreliable... so should be disregarded.

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