Apple Retail Stores - The UK & Toronto In 2005?

The Apple Store London - Regent Street opens this weekend, along with the announcement of two additional UK stores to open in the near future. In a statement Apple's senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson confirmed the company's plans to expand its European offerings. Johnson could only confirm the Birmingham and Kent stores will open "sometime in 2005", though his manner implied that Apple hopes to open in the new locations early in 2005.

Across the pond, Canada appears to be the next international candidate to receive a brick-and-mortar Apple Store. An email circulated by Apple Canada's National Channel and Business Development Manager reveals that Apple will be opening a new Apple Store based on the Apple Retail Concept in Toronto, Canada by mid-2005.

Apple Canada is announcing today that an Apple Branded Retail Store location will be opening in Toronto, mid year 2005.

Apple currently has ninety-six retail stores in the US, two in Japan, and one opening in London, England this weekend. The stores have been incredibly popular, attracting more than fifty million visitors since the first store was opened in May of 2001.

They provide great hands-on experience for customers, and we welcome the store to Canada as a great complement to our existing distribution channels.

If you have additional questions regarding the Apple Store in Canada, you may direct them to Marion Manalo at