RealNetworks Slashes Song Prices [Updated]

RealNetworks is set to kick off a high-profile digital music marketing campaign, highlighting the new iPod-compatible technology that has swung the company into conflict with Apple Computer. For a limited time, RealNetworks will offer song downloads from its music store for 49 cents, along with half-price albums. The campaign is the second wave of publicity around the company's Harmony technology, which effectively recreated a version of Apple's proprietary copy-protection technology without Apple's permission. That has allowed RealNetworks to be the first non-Apple store that can distribute songs directly compatible with the iPod music player, despite strong protests from Apple itself.

[Update] Following an overwhelming amount of negative comments about RealNetworks, the company has removed the link to the petition from its "Freedom of Music Choice" Web site.

[Update #2] RealNetworks has now posted a new, reworded petition that doesn't allow for comments.