WWDC, Photos and More on Tiger

WWDC kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. Unfortunately, MacMinute confirms that there will be no Satellite Broadcast and will not be broadcast to Apple Stores.

Photos of Apple's WWDC Tiger banners, however, were posted in one blog entry. (blog taken down)

Meanwhile, the same source (GNAA) as the original Tiger screenshots provides the following additional details from Mac OS X 10.4:

1) Smart Folders in Finder - these virtual folders allow you save specific search criteria for files and present matching files. Similar to iTunes' Smart Playlists.

2) Mail.app - Smart folders, account specific signatures, and a connection doctor.

3) Search field in the top right of the Mac OS X menu bar which allows you to search files in Finder.

MacRumors will attempt to provide a feed if at all possible. If you will have access to the keynote and are willing to assist, please contact the webmaster.

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