iTunes 4.5 Released on iTunes Anniversary

Apple released iTunes 4.5 today.

The newest version of iTunes offers several new features.

- iMix - Share your taste. Publish your playlists
- Party Shuffle
- Printing - Creating Jewel case inserts
- Radio Charts - What's playing around the U.S.
- Movie trailers. Music Videos
- WMA - Convert WMA to AAC
- Apple Lossless - CD Quality Sound. Half the size.

iTunes now has over 700,000 songs in the iTunes Music Store.

According to, Apple also posted an update to Quicktime to 6.3.1 but does not appear in Software Update at this time. "QuickTime 6.3.1 delivers enhanced support for iTunes and other QuickTime-based applications".
iPod Update 2004-04-28 was also released today, providing support for the Apple Lossless format as well as compatibility with the iTunes 4.5