AirPort Basestation Updates

Alongside PowerBook and iBook releases, Apple also provided some updates to the Airport Extreme Basestation hardware as well as Airport software.

Airport Software 3.4 is available in Software Update which offers:

Improved antenna output control.
Enhanced logging from your base station which is compatible with syslog.
Performance improvements for WPA security implementations.

Meanwhile, Apple also introduced an updated Airport Extreme Base Station which offers support for Power over Ethernet and UL 2043 fire safety standard support -- both features which would allow users to place the unit in more locations, according to MacCentral:

With the ability to install an AirPort Extreme Base Station anywhere an Ethernet cable can reach comes another change -- the new device supports UL 2043, a fire safety standard for devices that operate in "air-handling spaces," such as the area above a suspended ceiling in a classroom or office -- likely spots for a network installer to install a base station unobtrusively.