First WiFi MP3 Player reports on a new MP3 player that adds WiFi (wireless) capabilities, allowing you to transfer songs from your PC via WiFi (802.11)

Once an Aireo is linked to a PC via a Wi-Fi hook-up, SoniqCast says, the player can automatically synchronize the music-file contents of its tiny hard drive with those on the PC's hard drive. Any new digital tunes on the PC are quickly transferred to the Aireo.

Based on the limited details in the article, there is no indication that the Aireo is able to stream audio via WiFi. It appears the connection is purely available for syncing.

While there have been no substantial rumors indicating that Apple will pursue the same integration, general speculation suggests that more advanced wireless audio may be in our future in the form of a concept called Everywhere Internet Audio. This concept links wireless internet with MP3 players to provide users less dependance on player storage capacity.

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