More 90nm PowerPC Notes [Updated]

Yesterday, we noted that the new Xserve uses a 90nm PowerPC 970. Here are a few more notes and confirmation of the 90nm PowerPC 970s...

This PowerPC G5 Whitepaper (PDF) from Apple has been updated to provide information of the New 90nm PowerPC.

According to the paper (page 15), the new 90nm PowerPC 970 contains 58 million transitors, uses a 90-nanometer, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process [not SSOI] and has a die size of 66 square millimeters. The 130-nm 970 PowerPC currently used in the PowerMac G5s have a die size of 121 square millimeters.

More information of the 90nm PowerPCs should be presented by IBM in February. The new PowerPCs would logically be used in upcoming PowerMac revisions.

Update: IBM is presenting some information on the 90nm PowerPC in Taiwan today.

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