iPod Mini and Xserve G5 Photos

Macitynet.it has posted an iPod Mini photo gallery from MacWorld Expo. The photos help illustrate the small size of the new iPod Minis.

In an MSNBC article Steve Jobs suggests that he thinks "one of the biggest customers for the mini is going to be current owners buying a second iPod. They're going to have both -- when I go on a trip I take my whole library with my iPod and when I go to the gym I take the mini."

Meanwhile, Joswiak noted that they would settle on a UK price "closer to the availability date" due to the volatility of the currency exchange. Joswiak also comments on the rumors of a $100 iPod:

"That's why all this nonsense about us doing a $99 player was just that. We weren't going to do a player that does 30 songs - it's very uninteresting to us."

Note: A photo gallery of Xserve G5s is also available from Macitynet.it.