Notes From the Expo Floor... [Updated]

CNet provides from notes from the Moscone Center -- the location of the 2004 MacWorld San Francisco Expo:

Security during set-up for the show is tight, as always, with Apple's booth obscured by a huge black tarp on all sides. Posted at the main entrance are two rather generic banners for the iPod. Tucked neatly behind each of the 15-foot banners, however, is another banner that is rolled up and whose contents are obscured from view, presumably a banner containing details of at least some of what Jobs has up his sleeve.

Despite the security, at least one person claims to have seen part of the floor with a report that Microsoft has banners and materials for Microsoft Office 2004 and Virtual PC 7.0 (This has been confirmed). Also noted are a series of Macs dating back to the original Macintosh... perhaps in celebration of the Macintosh's 20th anniversary. While this can not be confirmed, similar information is echoed by

Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan -- of Virginia Tech/'Big Mac' fame has also been sighted in one of hotels and will reportedly be speaking at the MacWorld Expo Keynote, according to one anonymous tipster.
Meanwhile, offers a photo gallery from Saturday and Sunday in and around the Moscone Center along with some scenic San Francisco shots.

More Photos from the floor from MacMinute.