Will Apple Keep the Lead?

The New York Post writes about how Apple is the best position its been in for some time with the success of its most recent line of Macs, the iPod and the iTunes Music Store. As one analyst notes, "If you look at where Apple was a few short years ago and where they are today, it's nothing short of phenomenal."

The paper even cites the rumored Mini iPods as a way to defend its current leadership position in the audio player market. According to The Post, "the question is whether history will repeat itself."

Of course, this refers to Apple's loss of computer marketshare to Windows and PC clones over the years in an industry that Apple helped create. Apple currently enjoys the #1 spot amongst portable digital music player sales, despite the relatively high cost of their current iPods -- as compared to the other contenders.

We will find out more on at the Keynote.