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MWSF: More Mini iPod Confirmation and Detail?

Amidst the buzz surrounding the rumored "mini" iPods coming, MacRumors has received reliable confirmation that, indeed, new mini iPods will be announced at MacWorld San Francisco.

The new iPods will be physically smaller than current iPods. The "mini" description reportedly refers not only to the diminished capacity (2GB and 4GB by some reports), but also to the physical size of the units.

The mini iPods will also come in a variety of solid colors as previously reported... but no confirmation on patterns/stripes. At least one of the colors intended is reported to be "Gold" (not plated).

Pricing of the new iPods remains unclear -- with conflicting reports, but is reportedly significantly less than current models.

The fate of PowerMac and Xserve updates appear less likely at MacWorld San Francisco.