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The Return of an Apple Cube... as an iMac? [Updated]

On November 7th, Kodawarisan posted a curious rumor about a redesigned iMac case... in the form of a Cube. Translation by yamabushi:

    A completely new case for the iMac is said to be due to be announced at Macworld SF 2004. According to information from a resin mold manufacturer in Taiwan the completely new case is curiously different and a cube shaped iMac case is currently in production.

By itself, Kodawarisan has had a variable accuracy rate, but combined with some other recent rumors, this new rumor raises an interesting possibility.

Last month, AppleInsider independently claimed that Apple was working on an "entirely new form-factor" for the iMac due in early spring of 2004. No actual details of the case redesign were offered at that time.

Meanwhile, a recent Page 2 rumor predicted the return of the Cube form-factor, with similar claims made earlier this year..

The Apple PowerMac Cube was first introduced in July 2000 and discontinued only one year later. While the likelihood of a iMac Cube remains uncertain, more details may arise as MacWorld approaches.

Update: Appleinsider is now reporting that the upcoming iMac will sport a G5.

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