Members of Thrice's mailing list received the following email, letting fans know about their October 15th performance, and that their music would be available on iTunes for Mac and PC:

    Hi Everyone,

    You may have heard about our acoustic performance at the Apple Store
    in Santa Monica, CA next Wednesday so we wanted to fill you all in on the
    details. This show will be the kick off to our upcoming tour with Thursday
    and Coheed & Cambria. We will be playing at the Apple Store in LA and
    Thursday will be playing at the Apple store in New York. The shows will be
    videotaped and shown on Quicktime at a later date, and the audio will be
    recorded and made available in the Apple iTunes store for both PCs and Macs.

    The first fans to show up at each event will get an limited edition,
    numbered poster and one person will win an iPod at each event. Although the
    events both start at 7:00pm local time, space is limited so be sure to show
    up early to ensure that you can get in.

    If you want to read all the details and find out more you can read the
    official press release.

    Here's the location of our performance:

    Apple Store Third Street Promenade

    1248 Third Street Promenade

    Santa Monica, CA 90401


    October 15, 7:00pm

    Thanks everyone.



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