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PowerBook Updates -- As Early as Next Week?

Deciphering Mac rumors is as much an art as it is a science. Unfortunately, clear and direct information is rarely offered. Instead, pieces of information must be collected and interpreted. Over the past week, a number of common themes have intersected from a collection of smaller sites and sources.

This common thread between them appears to predict across the board PowerBook updates as early as next week -- with 12", 15" and 17" Powerbook models finally seeing updates. The rumors all seem to point towards a thinner 12" PowerBook and a high end PowerBook with speeds up to 1.33GHz. Reports include backlit keyboards and FW800 throughout. Next week is the earliest date provided, otherwise timeframes are described on the order of weeks.

This information has been spread by MacBidouille, MacOSRumors, Kodawarisan,, a Mailing List posting and a number of anonymous reports.

Due the nature of the internet, it is very clear that information is often repeated and spread without crediting the original source. As a result, some of the listed "sources" may simply represent a common source... however, enough seemingly independent sources have echoed the same data to report this information.