New Product Releases on the 19th?

MacBidouille pinpoints a day (or two) for potential updates. English Translation:

    Several sources point to a new Apple announcement for Monday August 18 or Tuesday the 19. It could be the PowerBook with Aluminum 15" and an increase in frequencies for the 12" and 17", as well as new display which will port the new G5 look with grilled border. Lastly, less probable, however, we'll never know, a little update for the iMac to spark the sale which is rather weak these last month.

While of uncertain reliability, this offers the first specific timeframe for the PowerBook updates since the World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC). PowerBooks were last updated in January, 2003 with the introduction of the 12" and 17" PowerBooks. Speculation about PowerBook updates begin shortly after that introduction... however, few credible rumors have emerged.

Recent reports claim that difficulties with PowerPC 7457 production have delayed the release of the updated PowerBooks (and iMacs). The PowerPC 7457 is said to be shipping in Q4 2003.

The only word from Apple has been hints that the G5 would not make it into the Powerbooks "anytime soon".

Based on our Buyer's Guide, both PowerBooks and iMacs have approached the end of their product cycles.

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