PowerMacs NOT (Shipping) at WWDC?

The Mac rumor scene has been quite active over the past few days, with rumors of significant hardware announcements coming at WWDC.

AppleTurns, however, provides a small blurb with some doubt regarding the possibility of PowerMac updates at WWDC:

    Meanwhile, we're hearing the faintest rumblings that the Power Mac G5 may actually not be ready for a WWDC introduction after all. We're not putting a whole lot of stock in said rumblings just yet, but we mention them anyway for the cautious souls among you who choose to temper your enthusiasm with a hefty dose of skepticism.

While AppleTurns does not put much stock into these rumblings, this information is consistent with previous notes that Apple's PowerMac 970's were not far enough along to be able to provide shipping machines at WWDC. A recent eWeek report also suggests that Mac OS X 10.2.7 will not be ready for a month or so after WWDC -- pushing PowerMac 970's potential ship date into August, at the earliest.

While this does not preclude any specific announcements, it is inconsistent with other rumors that 970 PowerMacs are currently in production.

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