PowerBook 970s at WWDC?

MacWhispers updates with notes regarding upcoming PowerMac and PowerBook revisions.

Of interest, MacWhispers is the only site claiming that 15.4" PowerBook 970's are currently in the works at this time. According to the site, 970 PowerBooks are just beginning production, suggesting they are soon to be released and inventory will be "substantial" by WWDC.

They also offer notes on single processor 970 PowerMacs with new alumnium cases and some form of handles.

While all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt... MacWhispers' only definitive scoop has been first mention of a Firewire/USB cable which appears to be utilized in with new iPods. Otherwise, MacWhispers has had a rocky start with previous misteps as well as initial expectations of 15" Powerbook updates in Jan/Feb 2003.

MacBidouile, in contrast, is expecting 970's to make their way into Powerbooks at a much later date: March 2004 PowerBook 970s.

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