Rumor Watch... So... What's Next?

Apple's Music Event brought a conclusion to many outstanding rumors:

- New iPods and New Apple Music Service? - February 26, 2003

- Apple's Music Service - April 28th? - April 17, 2003

- Apple iPod/Music Service Commercial? - April 12, 2003

- iPods - This Month - April 10, 2003

What's Next?

Apple's next computer to see an update appears to be the eMac line. Rumors of impending eMac update appeared a few weeks ago on ThinkSecret. The eMac is expected to see small speed bumps in the near future.

Apple's Keyboard and Mouse are also expected to see minor revisions in the near future... though not as dramatic as Apple's Rotary mouse patent might suggest.

Just today, word of a minor iSync update was revealed, while iChat has been expected to gain Videoconferencing as its next major capability.

The most exciting rumors -- those of the PowerPC 970 -- will come due in the next two months, at the World Wide Developers Conference. WWDC was delayed until late June, which spawned both rumors and speculation that the PPC970 was responsible.

And, as always... what would rumors be without an upcoming mystery device? Unfortunately, no further details are available on this nondescript device.