New iPods - This Month

ThinkSecret reports that the long-awaited iPod revisions will be coming by months' end:

    A re-designed Apple iPod in two new hard drive sizes with control buttons and a docking/charging station will be announced toward the end of April, sources have confirmed to Think Secret. The new models will be available in 15GB and 30GB sizes, as the 5GB and 20GB models will be discontinued.

ThinkSecret also posts an artist rendition of the new case design and docking station. Another new feature reported includes USB 2.0 (for PC users). ThinkSecret pegs the update for the last week of April and expects Apple's rumored Music service to be introduced at the same time.

This correlates with the April 28th date offered by Appleinsider as the day Apple will unveil the new service.

The last iPod revision was on July 17, 2002.

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