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New iPods and New Apple Music Service?

Despite several false starts, iPods continue to be expected shortly with minor updates. Features such as color screens and FW800 are not expected according to reliable rumors.

The iPod updates may, however, bring us a new unexpected service from Apple.

Sources report that Apple will be introducing an MP3 music-downloading service to users. The service partner to provide the music has not yet been identified, but songs are expected to cost $0.99 per song.

Dedicated readers may recall a similar rumor which made our 2002 Rumor Reject list with this anonymous Slashdot post.

    In the future, you'll (assuming we can cut a deal with Apple Records on that nasty trademark matter) be able to plug you iPod into your Mac, browse a library of songs via iTunes, and download them directly to your iPod over broadband or AirPort. Micro-payment (well, semi-micro; on the order of a dollar per song) will be handled through the .Mac "one click" system, which Apple licensed from Amazon and already uses in iPhoto for buying photographic prints on line.

While Anonymous Slashdot posts are certainly not a source of reliable information, it appears there may be some truth to this particular post based on current reliable information.