MacWhispers posts two updates today:

This article claims that the 15" Powerbook is delayed... despite being said to be ready to go 10 days ago, this current report states it won't be available until April.

Another article claims that the new iPods will be released on February 25th, 2003... despite previous claims that they would be released "no later than February 11th".

Meanwhile, an unconfirmed report sent to MacRumors claims the following:

    The release date will be Tuesday, February 25. They will be 10, 20, and 40 GB. The pricing scheme will remain the same. In addition, there will be Firewire 800 and lighter and thinner 10 and 20 GB iPods. There are will be no color screens and the scroll wheel will remain the same. This will be the last update until MWNY when the iPod will undergo a major update.

This report differs from MacWhispers' report with the addition of FW800, which was reported by MacWhispers, but then later retracted.