More iMac Details

Thinksecret makes a last minute post regarding expected updates tomorrow (Feb 4th, 2003).

According to them:

    The new iMac models are primarily speed-bump editions with the addition of Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme support. That does not include AirPort or Bluetooth cards. Prices will start at US$1299.

A true $1299 base price would represent a $100 price increase... as the current 15" iMac CD-RW starts at $1199.

Early MacRumors' info of the iMac update indicated a $1799 high end iMac (17" LCD, 1GHz, 4xDVD-R, Bluetooth/Airport Extreme capable, and DDR RAM)... which we still believe to be true.

ThinkSecret also reports on eMac price drops but no feature upgrades.

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